5 Glow-Getter Products From Thalgo That’ll Make You Lit From Within!

5 Glow-Getter Products From Thalgo That’ll Make You Lit From Within!

I wish life was so simple that we could have something like a permanent  highlighter, so that the glow would last forever and ever.  

I mean, don't we all love it when we apply a strobe cream or a highlighter  and look like a disco ball? Being golden goddesses is all we ever want, but  makeup has limited powers. We take it off at the end of the day (well, at  least we hope you do take it off or get ready to welcome nasty skin  problems that will soon knock on your door), and poof, the glow is gone.  

But, thankfully, we have all of these brightening products that are a total  blessing. They even out the skin tone, fade away the dark spots or  pigmentation, and, of course, make you look radiant.  

So, if you've come here looking for ways to achieve a spotless, bright  complexion, keep reading to learn about some of Thalgo's best brightening  products!  

  1. Thalgo Brightening Cream  

    brightening Cream


Do you have the feeling that your skin lacks personality and is a little dull?  Or maybe you are being loudly represented by your dark spots? Sort out  both problems at once by incorporating a rich, deeply nourishing cream  into your routine, such as Thalgo's Brightening Cream.  

This luxurious cream melts into the skin and releases the many skincare  advantages that brown algae extracts have to offer, including hydrating and  maintaining the skin's ideal moisture balance, as well as reducing  inflammation and firming loose skin.  

Infused with anti-aging polysaccharides derived from maize, the cream  forms a shield over the skin to stop oxidative stress-related damage. In  addition to these two, we have yarrow extract, which promotes renewal for a smoother skin.  

  1. Thalgo Brightening Correcting Serum 

    Brightening Correcting Serum

 This creamy-textured serum, the star of Thalgo's Brightening line,  instantly hydrates and plumps the skin while brightening the appearance of  uneven pigmentation.  

This skin plumping treatment contains skin renewal active ingredients that  fight pigmentation and redness while also encouraging repair.  

 Thanks to Brown Algae Extract, which helps in targeting dark spots and  increases the overall radiance of the skin.  

The skin is smoother and has a more radiant complexion after 7 days.  

 After 28 days, dark spots appear to be less noticeable, and the skin appears  brighter and more even.  

  1. Thalgo Targeted Dark Spot Corrector  

    Target dark spot corrector


The Thalgo Lumiere Marine Targeted Dark Spot Corrector is an ultra concentrated spot treatment that works to reduce the visibility of dark  spots and skin discolouration while controlling the development of new  ones for a complexion that is more radiant and glowing.  

Brown Algae Extract, a powerhouse ingredient in the corrector, has  incredible corrective benefits for the skin, including correcting, hydrating,  brightening, and detoxifying the skin while replenishing essential vitamins  and minerals.  

Furthermore, Desert Date Palm Extract improves skin brightness and  reduces redness and hyperpigmentation. 

Glycerine and hyaluronic acid work together to lock moisture in your skin  for a long time.  

Add Thalgo Lumiere Marine Targeted Dark Spot Corrector to your  skincare routine to improve the appearance of dark spots caused by ageing  and the environment.  

  1. Thalgo Brightening Fluid  


Brightening Fluid is an amazing fluid emulsion for combination to oily  skin that revitalises dull, tired skin and targets uneven tone.  

The lightweight moisturiser, enriched with anti-ageing polysaccharides  extracted from maize, forms a protective shield over skin to intercept  damage caused by oxidative stress, while Yarrow extract promotes renewal  to help smooth skin.  

This fine emulsion, which is also rich in brown algae extract and enriched  with a shield to protect against oxidative environmental stress, aids in the  prevention and treatment of dark spots.  

The skin gradually smoothes out, the complexion brightens, and naturally  becomes more luminous.  

  1. Thalgo Clarifying Water Essence  

     Clarifying Water Essence


With a light gel-like consistency, the Clarifying Water Essence is a  refreshing treatment water that instantly smoothes skin and  evens out the skin tone.  

This essence, formulated with White Agaric Extract and Hyaluronic Acid,  instantly soothes, refines, and nourishes the skin, improving texture and  tone. 

The Brown Algae Extract in the formula targets dark spots, promoting a  more uniform and radiant complexion.  

 The water-like texture refreshes the skin and clarifies skin tone while  tightening pores for maximum radiance. 

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