Sore Feet? What are those? 3 AKILEÏNE Products You Need For Relaxed and Refreshed Feet

Sore Feet? What are those? 3 AKILEÏNE Products You Need For Relaxed and Refreshed Feet

Standing for hours on public transportation.  

Walking to and from work to maintain a healthy heart.  

Or even dancing to your favourite music on a night out.  

What do all three of these instances have in common?  

You got it right, smarty! Your feet play an important role in all three activities. That also means they're putting in long hours, which in turn is taking a toll on them.  

We've all been there: our feet are swollen, cramping, and aching so badly that we wouldn't want to take another step even if someone paid us a million bucks to do so.  

We get it, we sincerely do; after all, our feet are the most neglected body parts, and the only time we realise we need to pay attention to them is when they start screaming for help. 

Many factors can cause your feet to ache, but the most common ones are:  

1. Prolonged walking or standing,

2. Wearing high heels/stilletoes, which look sexy but are tight and uncomfortable, can lead to a variety of short-term and long-term foot and back problems.

3. Wearing flat or unpadded shoes, as well as a number of other factors, can result in swollen, tired, and exhausted feet. 

Now, because we understand your pain so well, we bring to you just the right solution for a happy pair of feet.

  1. AKILEÏNE Balm With Plants 

AKILEÏNE Balm With Plants

AKILENE's Balm With Plants provides immediate relief by swollen, and exhausted feet caused by walking, running, or  wearing tight shoes.  

Furthermore, it provides a lot of moisturisation, protection, and softness to  the feet.  

This cream contains the goodness of several star ingredients, including  Red Vine, Butcher's Broom, and Cypress Extract, which help decongest  and reduce swelling.  

Grape Seed Oil and Black Currant Leaves Extract have antioxidant  properties that help to protect the skin barrier while also providing  elasticity.  

Last but not least, Liquorice Extract is an anti-inflammatory component  that relieves pain, and Beeswax and Glycerin are both known to provide hydration and nourishment to the skin. 

  1. AKILEÏNE Ice Gel 

AKILEÏNE Ice Gel - for burning and swollen feet

Anyone who has extremely sore feet or is in a lot of pain should use the  AKILENE Ice Gel.  

This formula uses Gingko Biloba, Horse Chestnut, Menthol, and Menthyl  Lactate, which stimulate microcirculation, are anti-inflammatory, and are refreshing.  

This product is non-sticky and non-greasy, but it provides optimal moisturisation and protection to the skin while also relieving heaviness and pain and providing a cooling sensation that lasts long after application.


  1. AKILEÏNE Foot Bath Tablets 

AKILEÏNE Footbath Tablets

With menthol, mint essential oils, and other relaxing plant extracts, these  AKILEÏNE Foot Bath Tablets have refreshing and toning effect on heated and exhausted feet and ankles. These tablets stimulate microcirculation and relieve the burning, heated sensation. 

All that is required is to dissolve a tablet in 5 litres of water, soak the feet immediately to benefit from the effervescence, leave for 10 minutes, and dry without rinsing.

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