An Update: Men Are Now Waxing And We Are Sincerely All For It! Sabnatural

An Update: Men Are Now Waxing And We Are Sincerely All For It!

Yes! Men wax too. A LOT of them do, and if the above statement was scary enough to send chills down your spine or the scene from The 40-Year-Old Virgin just flashed in front of your eyes... You’ve come to the right place because today we are here to educate you about male waxing and bust some waxing myths while we are at it!

Now, just so you know, millions of people online are searching for phrases like "male waxing", "body waxing for men", or even "can men wax", and I think we should give credit where due. Thanks to shows like Queer Eye, we got to see what walking-talking examples of perfect grooming and self-care looked like! Men with perfectly-shaped beards and silky-smooth arms and chests were a pleasing sight to look at, and we bet all men craved exactly that... This could explain why we are seeing more and more men heading to the salons for grooming sessions than ever before!

For all the good reasons, a humungous number of men today have jumped on the waxing bandwagon. Yes, the caveman look was hot and popular once upon a long, long (really) LONG time ago, but we are now in the 21st century where men do have a skincare routine, wear skinny jeans and have gorgeous, flowing, long-hair. Personal hygiene, grooming, and taking care of yourself is no longer associated with a particular gender. And, of course, with the global rise in personal-care awareness, it is really obvious that men are considering waxing, which was previously left to their female counterparts.

Yup! There still seems to be a lot of stigma behind men getting waxed, but it’s high time we stop frowning upon these great personal hygiene practices and instead encourage them tremendously.

Now, while you are reading this, you may be a little distracted with the thought of the excruciating pain that you’ve heard others talk about, but let us remind you of how everybody has a different experience. Everybody’s bodies are different, and so are the products they’ve used. Our only tip here is to try it yourself. Women have been doing it for ages now. They wouldn’t be going back to waxing their body hair if it was that bad, now would they? Think about it!

Women have been practising full-body waxing, totally guilt-free, for some time now, but that doesn’t mean you have to as well. For starters, you can start small with one body part at a time.

Here are 5 common areas where men prefer to get waxed:

1. Shoulders and back

Most men have hairy backs and reaching your back for proper cleaning is almost like squeezing in a quick 10-minute workout. This is why they prefer getting waxed... Also, more hair means sweat and dirt tend to get trapped, which leads to bad odour and, of course, becomes a breeding ground for germs, and nobody wants that!

2. Chest

Now, you may not have a hairy chest, but keeping that little bit of hair seems pointless and you wish to get rid of it. Your solution? Waxing! When you wax, you remove the hair from its follicles. This means that it will take longer for it to grow back, plus waxing regularly will lead to the hair growing back thinner.

3. Face

The only reason you are shocked to see this category on the list is that you are watching a lot of TV and the only solution to facial hair that you know of, is shaving. Maybe it’s time you get active on social media and understand how common it is among men to get their faces waxed, and might we add, very satisfying to watch as well! Men get their eyebrows and beards shaped, some men who have hairy ears also look well-groomed and neat when they wax the unnecessary hair off.

4. Arms and Legs

You and I have both seen those videos on YouTube where men get their arms and legs waxed for the first time, and while all of them are funny to watch, in the end, you do see men constantly touching their arms and legs to see how soft and smooth they feel! Some men go to the gym and want to show off what they’ve built with

so much effort (why would you want to hide those muscles under all that hair anyway?). Plus, as we discussed previously, hair traps a lot of sweat and dirt. Hitting the gym means you have to constantly worry about the odour, and if you have tattoos on your arms and legs, please let the world see all those cool designs, will you? And the best way to do this is by getting rid of all that hair!

5. Underarms

Last but not the least, underarms!

We all know that shaving our armpits means that the hair will grow as soon as you leave the shower. You don't even get to enjoy the hair-free, soft touch before it reappears, just as pokey as ever! In addition to this, if you want the hair-less look, you will have to shave every day, and nobody has the time for that, do we? Your best bet? Waxing away! The hair will take weeks to grow back; it won’t be prickly; and most of all, you won’t even remember what ingrown hair means!

"But why are men getting waxed anyway?"

If you are still wondering, well, there are a myriad of reasons why!

As we mentioned earlier, men who go to the gym and have a well-built physique or those who have tattoos love showing off their bodies as they should. Other reasons are that waxing is far more low maintenance than shaving; you don’t have to do it every day; and that makes it cost-efficient as well! Some men like the non-hairy look and others do it to maintain good personal hygiene, and of course, shaving is simply too much hassle. The pain, the cuts, the ingrown hairs... OUCH!

We can’t see your expressions through the screen, but you look really convinced. But hold up. Just because you are up for waxing doesn’t mean you grab any random wax off the shelf. It’s best to know what product to use, and we are here to help!

Contrary to popular belief, not all waxes are the same and definitely not all-purpose.

What you are looking for are hard waxes, and guess who has mastered that art? Cirepil!

Hard waxes tend to take off more hair and are less painful. The best part is that they are quite universal and work well on all types of hair and skin types.

To make your job easier, we’ve categorised waxes in accordance with the body parts. Have a look.

For Arms, Chest, Back and Shoulders:

The waxes that are perfect for these body parts are Cirepil’s Cristalline, Boudoir, and Fiorella.

Cristalline: It’s a bead wax that comes in the most beautiful transparent tangerine colour, which will help lift your spirits. The wax then melts into a gel-like texture, which is ideal for highly sensitive skin and is totally hypoallergenic. In all, it’s a super- gentle wax that is free from rosin and can be used on any skin or hair type.

Boudoir: If you're new to waxing, as many of you must be, this is the place to start. The wax is creamy in texture and is ideal for sensitive and fragile skin. Did we mention the beautiful pearlescent pink colour and the heavenly scent? Yes! Added bonus.

Fiorella: This low-temp hard wax is great for new waxers and is easy to use as well! It is thin, has a flexible gel-like texture, and can be used on any part of the body. Fiorella is highly recommended for clients with sensitive or delicate skin, as it is hypoallergenic, so worry no more about any allergies. Additionally, it’s rosin-free, gluten-free and vegan, and the hot pink holographic colour and the soft peony scent are to die for.

For Underarms:

Cirepil Intimate 4, as the name suggests, is specially designed for all intimate areas. The supple and creamy hard wax is a go-to option when planning on waxing your armpits. The wax tackles thick, coarse, and stubborn hair with ease. It contains the CicaseptiCALM complex for anti-bacterial, anti-irritation and desensitising purposes. Moreover, it is also enhanced with coconut oil for moisturising factors.

For The Face:

Cirepil Visage is the 1st professional depilatory wax designed especially for waxing facial hair. It’s an ultra-soft, non-strip, bead wax with a creamy texture that helps in quick and efficient waxing. It’s ideal for all skin and hair types and can be used to wax the chin, eyebrows, sideburns, and upper lip. The low- temp, gentle wax allows for a less painful hair removal experience. The formula is infused with apricot oil for reducing redness and titanium dioxide for anti-irritant purposes.

Now that you feel a little more confident, here are some tried and tested tips before your waxing session:

  1. Most of the pain is in your head. If you think it’s going to be terrible, it will be terrible. So, go to your waxing salon with a positive mindset and bright-sunny thoughts!

  2. Exfoliation is key: Use a scrub a day or two prior to your waxing session. This way, you are removing all the dead skin cells and any buildup. When you exfoliate, you just make the waxing process a lot easier and you eliminate all chances of ingrown hair and bumpy skin.

  3. Avoid going to the gym or working out right away. Your skin is a little sensitive after you wax. Give it time to heal and breathe. If you sweat into open, irritated pores, you are practically welcoming acne and redness.

  4. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Speed up the healing process with a lot of moisturisation.

Here are our final thoughts: Waxing is no longer for women only; everybody does it! It doesn't have to be painful or embarrassing, and most importantly, it doesn't have to be difficult because baby-smooth skin is everyone's dream!

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