Choose Akileine... 'Cause Taking Care Of Your Feet Is Not "Extra" Sabnatural

Choose Akileine... 'Cause Taking Care Of Your Feet Is Not "Extra"

When it comes to taking care of most of our body parts, we humans always go above and beyond. The heart, kidneys, joints, muscles, and even the more superficial ones like our hair and nails. But can you guess which body part is the most overlooked? That's right, the one who keeps us grounded...literally.  

Our feet serve as the foundation of our bodies. In our daily lives, we use our feet to run to catch a train, walk to the nearest grocery store, or kick a  football to score a goal. Despite this, most of us take our feet for granted until we develop problems like blisters or calluses. However, if you ignore your foot health for an extended period of time, the problems can become severe; some may even cost you your mobility, which is why tiptoeing around the importance of your feet's health is the last thing you should do.  

Our feet, believe it or not, are made up of over 20 muscles, 50 bones, 60  joints, tendons, and ligaments. All of these together account for more than a fifth of our body's joints, a quarter of its bones, and a twentieth of its muscles. You now understand the significance of proper foot care, and you should be aware that neglecting your feet could have a negative impact on the health of your entire body. It's high time you stopped taking your feet for granted.  

Take proper foot care if you want to function at your best, and Akileine has made it a piece of cake.  

Here are a few products from the brand that you absolutely must have in your life!  

AKILEÏNE BLUE | Very Dry Skin, Calluses  

  1. Foot Peeling Cream  

AKILEÏNE Foot Peeling Cream


If you are experiencing roughness or calluses, the Peeling Cream is exactly what you need. The cream easily removes dead skin cells from the feet's epidermis, leaving you with soft, smooth, and happy feet! Simply apply a  generous amount to your foot and scrub it, paying special attention to the rough areas. Once the small rolls are formed, thoroughly rinse, and you're done!  

  1. Overnight Foot Mask  

AKILEÏNE Overnight Foot Mask


The Overnight Foot Mask is a 2-in-1 unique formula that cares for the roughest skin by nourishing it with essential ingredients and restoring its natural suppleness and elasticity.  

So, what exactly do we mean by "2-in-1"? Well, this holy grail of a  product can be used for a quick 15-minute action or as a leave-on mask throughout the night for a deep and optimal effect.  


AKILDIA | Foot Specific Care  

  1. Footwash Lotion

AKILEÏNE Footwash Lotion


Footwash Lotion contains bactericidal essential oils that help clean and deodorise the feet's epidermis. As a result, the feet are not only clean but also smell divine, also thanks to essential oils such as lavender, thyme,  lemon, and rosemary.  

Just put a small amount of this lotion on a mitt or cotton pad and wipe your feet thoroughly. Make sure you don't miss the spaces between your toes,  and then gently dab them dry without rubbing.  

  1. Protective Cream  

AKILEÏNE Protective Cream


If you have the Multi-Protective Cream, you are in good hands! The cream thoroughly moisturises the feet, removes calluses, and aids in the restoration of the feet's sensitivity. But that's not all. The Multi-Protective Cream also contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungicidal agents that protect the feet from external aggressors. With the goodness of a special active ingredient, Glistin, the cream also protects against neurodegeneration in the cells.  

  1. Concentrated Bath Oil  

AKILEÏNE Concentrated Bath Oil


Clean and fragrant feet are no longer a pipe dream, thanks to the Footbath  Oil! The oil restores the epidermis' softness, elasticity, and suppleness while soothing the feet. It also protects the feet from fungal infections thanks to the fungicidal agent in the formula.  

Pour a capful into 5 litres of warm water and soak your feet for 5 minutes.  Instead of rinsing, gently dry the feet without rubbing. Avoid the process in the case of an injury, lesion, or graze.  

AKILEÏNE RED | Exhausted, Irritated Feet  

  1. Ice Gel 



Welcome to calm your tired and extremely exhausted feet 101, today we have the AKILEÏNE Ice Gel with us that instantly and effectively calms and decongests your tired and exhausted feet. But wait, there's more... The gel also increases blood circulation and keeps the feet calm and icy cool for a couple of hours.  

  1. Balm With Plants  

AKILEÏNE Balm With Plants


The Balm with Plants decongests and calms tired, exhausted, and swollen feet, by providing an instant sense of comfort. Additionally, this formula hydrates protects, and softens the feet as well.  

  1. Footbath Tablets  

AKILEÏNE Footbath Tablets


Instantly revive and soothe your feet with the Footbath Tablets. The formula and effervescence stimulate the plantar arch, reviving and toning the foot for an incredibly quick and enduring energising benefit. And we've saved the best for last: the product's compact, single-dose packaging makes it ideal for travel; you know what this means, right? Now you can have happy, relaxed feet anytime,  anywhere!  

So, if you're psyched to use the Akileine products, let us know in the comments because we sure are!  

Until next time! 

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