Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Strip-Less Wax Sabnatural

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Strip-Less Wax

You know, and I know... And by now, the entire world knows that waxing is the best hair removal technique of ‘em all!

The reasons for its popularity are many. Apart from the minimal pain, waxing helps you achieve ultra-smooth skin without any ingrown hair, cuts, or unnecessary injuries, and of course, unlike shaving, you don’t have to go over it daily to get rid of unwanted hair.

Goodness gracious, if you are still #TeamShaving (WHY?) 1. Maybe you were living under a rock and nobody ever told you about waxing and its benefits. 2. This is just the piece you need to read because I may not be a psychic, but silky, soft, hair-free skin is definitely on your cards.

But simply heading to the salon and getting waxed is not where the story ends. Just like everything else in life, you’ve also got options when it comes to the type of wax you should consider. Yes, for somebody who has just entered the world of waxing, every wax may look the same to you, and that is where we come into the picture.

Today, we are going to shed light on the types of wax and their advantages over one another.

Now, there are tons of brands that are into manufacturing waxes, but generally, it comes down to these two categories: 1. Soft Wax or Strip Wax; and 2. Hard Wax or Strip-less Wax.

Before we get into a heavy discussion about these two categories, let’s just get one thing out of our way…

Neither of these two types of wax is completely painless. While we all wish that waxing was painless, it’s not really possible. However, a less painful waxing experience? Now, that’s something doable!

Wondering how? Well, let’s get to know Soft Wax and Hard Wax a little more, and eventually you’ll know.

Now, the obvious difference between the two is that soft wax, or strip wax, as the name suggests, involves using disposable strips to get rid of the hair, whereas the other doesn’t.

So, how does it work? How do you remove hard wax? Is hard wax not heated like soft wax? Then how does one make it work?

My, my, so many questions!

All right, so Soft Wax or Strip Wax is what you’ve traditionally seen. It’s a runny, hot wax, applied with a wooden stick and then quickly removed by rubbing a disposable strip and pulling it in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

On the other hand, Hard Wax or Strip-less Wax is a thicker wax that is also hot and, just like strip wax, is also applied with a wooden stick. Now, the difference is that, unlike strip wax, you do not immediately remove it. You apply a thick layer, leave some extra wax on one edge, let it harden for a  few seconds, and then peel it away, again in the opposite direction of the hair growth. If you are wondering what the significance of keeping that extra wax on the edge is, well, that extra wax, when hardened, gives you some added grip, so that it’s easy to pull. In all, there is no strip involved and you can directly peel off the wax.

Now, you may be wondering, but why two different waxes exist in the first place. Just because one uses a strip and the other one doesn’t? Nope!

Strip wax is ideal for large areas like your arms or legs, but not the best when it comes to smaller, sensitive areas. But hard wax is great for all parts of your body.

So, now that you know the basic difference between the two, let’s see why hard wax will always have the upper hand.

Why Should You Use Hard Wax?

  1. It leaves no sticky residue and is a lot easier to clean up.

  2. It grabs onto the shorter hair easily, thereby eliminating the need to wax the same area twice.

  3. Speaking of which, hard wax is a lot less painful because it grabs only the hair and not the skin, which lessens the chances of skin reddening.

  4. Perfect for short, stubborn hair, which is why it’s often the wax of choice for bikini and Brazilian waxing.

  5. Last but not least, the warmth of the wax opens the pores, making it much easier to pull the hair out.

Sounds exciting, right? But remember this: any kind of waxing, if not done properly can lead to the skin suffering mild or even severe trauma. So, leave waxing to the experts, all right?

Speaking of experts, if there is one brand you can blindly rely on when it comes to waxing, it is Perron Rigot, the inventor of bead wax. This company has over 80 years of experience in the beauty industry and has been a pioneer in introducing new segments in the waxing world, such as the first low-temp wax, the first stripless wax, and even the first line of hypoallergenic waxes.

In a more Gen-Z term, they are the OGs, if you may.

And if you are fascinated by the concept of hard waxes but don’t know where to start, let us be your guiding light…

Perron Rigot has a vast variety of hard waxes, some are formulated for specific body parts, some are specially made for sensitive skin but mostly all are friggin’ GREAT! Come, let’s have a look.

Cirepil Intimate 4 Hard Wax (Bead Wax)

Is Brazilian wax on your mind? Always go for Intimate 4 Hard Wax! As the name suggests, this creamy wax is specially formulated for intimate areas like the bikini area and the underarms. This wax is great for thick, coarse, and stubborn hair. Like all Cirepil waxes, this one is also gluten-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. In addition to this, it is infused with coconut oil for moisturisation, rosemary extract for its anti-microbial purposes, and sunflower seed oil for conditioning the skin. But that isn’t all, it also contains the CicaseptiCalm Complex, which helps with desensitising the waxed area and making it irritation-free.

Cirepil Visage Bead Wax

A wax that’s made especially for your face? Now, that’s what I am talking about!

Cirepil Visage is a brilliant yellow bead wax that is specially formulated for waxing your face. It has a smooth, creamy texture and is perfect for precision waxing. For a strong brow game, you've got to make friends with Cirepil Visage. In addition to your brows, you can also wax your chin, sideburns, your upper lip and of course, gentlemen, if you’ve been wanting to get rid of that excess ear hair, Visage is just the right match for you. The formula contains apricot kernel oil and titanium dioxide for hydration and anti-inflammatory purposes.

Cirepil Fiorella Hard Wax

Are you new to waxing? Or do you have sensitive, delicate skin? Well! Fear no more, because Cirepil Fiorella is here! This bead wax is a low-temp hard wax that is gentle on your skin. The Fiorella beads melt into a super thin, flexible gel-like texture, which makes it easier to use. The formula is hypoallergenic, rosin-free, and vegan, which makes it ideal for all hair and skin types and can be used for waxing any body part. Oh! And did we mention how obsessed we are with the holographic hot pink colour and the soft peony scent?

Cirepil Cristalline Hard Wax

Cirepil Cristalline is excellent for clients with extremely sensitive skin. It may have a smooth, fluid-like consistency, but this is what allows it to pick up even the tiniest of hairs with ease. And don’t you dare underestimate its efficiency. Cristalline bead wax is strong enough to remove thick, coarse hair from any part of the body. It’s unscented so that it doesn’t irritate those with sensitive skin, and, of course, it’s also vegan, rosin-free, hypoallergenic, gluten-free, and all other good things.

Cirepil Boudoir Hard Wax

Cirepil Boudoir is a hypoallergenic bead wax that is ideal for sensitive and fragile skin with average or thin hair. It has an easy-to-use, creamy gel-like texture and applies thinly, allowing you to use less product than average. Like the others, Boudoir is also hypoallergenic, rosin-free, gluten-free, and paraben-free. Cirepil Boudoir comes in a luminous pale pink colour and the scent is to die for!

And that was everything you needed to know about hard waxes. Efficient and excellent would be two words to describe hard waxes. We kind of sense that you are super psyched to use hard waxes, so when you do, let us know everything about your experience.

Until next time!

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