Perron Rigot: The No. 1 leading Waxing Brand In France

Perron Rigot: The No. 1 leading Waxing Brand In France

Silky-smooth, hairless body without burning a hole in your pocket…or burning your skin is what you desire?  

Well, keep on reading… Here’s a story of how a brand was born that took all your waxing needs into consideration while making it an experience of a lifetime!  

It all began in the balmy summers of 1936, when Monsieur Perron and Monsieur Rigot, two very visionary pharmacists, founded a laboratory after their names to manufacture beauty-related products.  

The late 1930s was a time when the French were just starting to discover the freedom of paid vacations for the first time in history, which led to these two geniuses deciding to go along with the changing times of society where the growth in the leisure and beauty industries was certain.  

The two gentlemen started off by formulating a tanning oil and a depilatory wax. Back in the day, the brand did not own a manufacturing unit and the products were manufactured in a residential building in Paris and distributed across the streets of Paris and other suburbs on a delivery tricycle.  

After the war ended, beauty salons were flourishing, and the company saw a sudden rise in profits by supplying their products to various beauty practitioners in Paris and its surrounding areas.  

Skipping to the year 1972, when Des Garets, a former perfumer who was intrigued by hair removal treatments, takes over the company with a strong desire in his heart to change the face of depilatory waxing products. He felt that waxes that were available in the market were outdated and needed change.  

His main focus was to improve the efficacy and make the waxes a little less painful for everyone. In 1975, he set up the company’s first manufacturing unit, and within three years of doing so, the company not only focused on formulating new waxes but also underwent a massive restructuring, which led to the company name changing to, ‘Périgot’.  

The company, of course, made a mark by introducing newer and highly futuristic concepts like, strip and non-strip waxes.  

However, it faced tons of difficulties in the year 2003. In June of  2004, Thalgo Cosmetics Group acquired the company, and the CEO, Mr. Jean-Claude Sirop, renamed the company again to what it was originally called: Perron Rigot.  

Today, the brand is number one in France and is internationally renowned for its high-quality and innovative nature in over 35  nations. Perron Rigot also happens to have a great achievement associated with their brand…they are known to be the pioneers of bead waxes, this is considered to be a revolutionary move in the beauty industry. 

Now, speaking of being a huge success in so many countries all around the globe... Aren’t you at least a little curious as to what  makes the brand one of the best in the world?  

Well, you don’t have to go around looking for answers, we’ve got you covered. The following are a few reasons why Perron Rigot is the most loved waxing brand all around.  

Why Do We Love Perron Rigot  

Cruelty Free and Clean  

Since 2013, Europe has banned the manufacturing and sales of cosmetics brands that test on animals or use raw materials that have been tested on animals. Perron Rigot takes pride in being clean and cruelty-free. Their products are consciously formulated  

and are proven extremely safe to be used. They follow the  European Union guidelines all the way and uphold the highest standards when it comes to their beauty products. So, it is safe to say that Perron Rigot, as a brand, is not only kinder to the environment but the animals as well.  


Upto 2-3 times less product is used, thanks to its marvellous formulation which exceptionally removes the hair in the very first attempt. Therefore, one thin layer of application is all it takes to 

achieve 100% effectiveness. Using lesser product results in a lower cost per service and a higher return on investment.  

Time - Efficient  

When it comes to their waxes, a little does go a long way because a thin layer of wax is all you need, and so drying doesn’t take up a lot of time, which means the removal is way quicker than your traditional waxes. All you have to do is, apply and remove... It doesn’t get any quicker than this, now does it? There is no need to tweeze or thread after waxing either, as there won’t be a single strand of hair left on your body. Say bye-bye to waxy residues or stickiness, and say hello to refreshing and calming post-wax care!  

High Quality  

Perron Rigot formulates waxes keeping in mind that there’s a wide range of people out there, with various skin types and issues, and this is why all their waxes are free from parabens, talc, SLS/SLES, added phthalates, formaldehyde, and so many other harmful ingredients; only the best and finest ingredients go into the making of the company’s waxes.  

Top Notch Aesthetics  

Anything colourful just brings a certain burst of positivity in your  life, and Perron Rigot formulates the most appealing, colourful  and pleasant looking waxes. But aesthetics aren’t just about how  they look; it’s also about how they feel and smell. There are  numerous formulas in their range, each having their own unique 

advantages, and the fragrance is simply heavenly, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have non-scented ones for people with a sensitive skin type. Perron Rigot is an inclusive brand but you knew that  already, didn’t you?  

We’ve spoken about Perron Rigot’s rich history, its brand values, why is it so loved by clients and beauticians alike, and so much more, but now let’s dive into their actual products, which the world has been raving about!  

Cirépil Visage Bead Wax 

Visage bead wax is specially formulated to wax any part of your  face, whether it be your brows, upper-lips, side-burns, ears, and so  on. It is a bright yellow, creamy-textured bead wax that is gentle. It is  ideal for all skin types, contains apricot kernel oil for hydration  and titanium dioxide for its anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it the best choice for the sensitive skin of the face.  

Cirépil Intimate 4 Bead Wax 

Intimate 4 bead wax, as the name suggests, is ideal for waxing the intimate  area. This bead wax is specially designed to tackle thick, coarse, stubborn hair with ease. It is enriched with coconut oil for its moisturising benefits. The bead wax comes in a beautiful and extremely refreshing aqua blue colour and even smells heavenly.  This is a go-to bead wax for the bikini area and the underarms. It is infused with Cicasepticalm, which helps in desensitising. 

Cirépil Boudoir Bead Wax 

It’s a hypoallergenic bead wax formulated without any rosin or fragrance to eliminate the risk of allergy. This particular bead wax is ideal for all hair and skin types, especially those with sensitive skin. The wax is pink, super-creamy and gentle... And it smells like sweet cotton candy!  

Cirépil Cristalline Bead Wax 

Cristalline hard wax is an unscented, highly-versatile wax that perfectly picks up even the finest, tiniest strand of hair and is good enough to even wax thick-coarse hair. This bead wax has a very smooth, fluid-like consistency which dries up quickly, which makes your entire waxing experience relatively quicker.  

Cirépil Happy Cocktail Mojito Tin 

Yes! Of course, it smells minty and is truly refreshing. Happy  Cocktail Mojito is a sparkling green tin wax that has a fluid-like texture to it which helps in gently and efficiently removing hair in the very first go. It is ideal for all skin and hair types. (This comes in a roll-on variant as well)  

Above mentioned waxes are only a fraction of what Perron Rigot offers. Except for these, the brand has a long list of waxes which come in various textures, colours, and scents, each one serving a different purpose that you must try at least once. 

Visit your nearest salon to experience these amazing waxes yourself!

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