Flash Lift Shot Mask - All You Need To Know Sabnatural

Flash Lift Shot Mask - All You Need To Know

About Thalgo

Thalgo, a French-based brand in Professional Marine Cosmetics has carved a name for itself in the Indian Market. Ocean Marine Cosmetics Pvt Ltd, the Indian distributor for the French brand has helped the brand build its presence in India since 2008. Born in 1964, Thalgo is a global cosmetics brand, which manufactures products using marine-based components. The company was founded by André Bouclet, a pharmacist, who developed a unique algae micronisation method. The science behind developing this method was to rupture the algae cell walls to release their contents while preserving their wealth of active ingredients. Three of André Bouclet’s micronized algae - Laminaria Digitata – Fucus Vesiculosus – Lithothamnium calcareum even today are prescribed for skin, rheumatic and circulatory disorders.


Flash Lift Shot Mask

Technology is evolving and hence are beauty products worldwide. Sheet masks are cheap and super-efficient with their quick application and throw in just 30 minutes. Sheet masks provide instant hydration, brightening, and smoothening. There is a sheet mask designed for every skin texture, from oily to acne-prone, different shades of sheet masks with delicious fragrances are being created to suit the nutrients required by your skin individually. One such sheet mask that is made from marine concentrate is the Thalgo Flash Lift Shot Mask. The mask is designed using triple technology that nourishes your skin for nearly 8 hours a day. Marine concentrate which uses Marine silicium complex plus tightening red algae sugar helps lift your skin. Let's learn more about this product in detail in this blog.

Thalgo Flash Lift Shot Mask


Who can use it? 

Does your skin feel saggy and wrinkled? Well… if so then this is an optimum option for you to choose. The Thalgo Flash Lift Shot mask is one of the products produced by Thalgo to revitalize your skin and bring back your younger self. The Marine silicium complex used in the product comes as a super-activated ingredient that acts as a tightening material for your skin muscles. The product also includes the use of plant cellulose and algae fibres, which provides the anti-aging effect, by immediate hydration. The mask can be used by both men and women, who are experiencing a high volume of wrinkles and dull faces due to hectic hours of work.

What are the benefits/end result of the product?

The Thalgo Flash Lift Shot Mask or sheet masks are great for individuals in many ways than one. The benefits that come with this versatile skincare tool include:

  • Increases ingredient absorption: the cellulose and the algae fibre work together to boost the absorption of the Marine concentrated active ingredients. This helps your skin to regenerate a smoothing and plumping effect.

  • Tightening skin:  Enriched with algae fibres, the cellulose activates cellular regeneration and boosts absorption of the anti-ageing marine active ingredients. Completely smoothed over the facial contours, the second skin effect enhances the lift sensation around the sides of the face. Once in place, the professional lifting pressure manoeuvres boost the tightening efficacy of the Flash Lift Shot Mask.

  • Easy to use: Unlike other masks on the market, there's nothing fancy required to do the Thalgo Flash Lift Shot Mask or sheet mask. The application of this requires no tools, brushes, or downtime. Plus, these are designed to shape your unique facial structure.

  • Use of Marine ingredients: With notes of fresh, powdery flowers, the fragrance leaves a subtle trail on the skin. With 96.6% natural origin ingredients, this mask is perfectly tolerated and biocompatible with all skin types.

Ingredients used

    Three of the most important ingredients that go in producing this product are 

    *Plant Cellulose - The supple and elastic cellulose help fiber smooth over the contours of the face completely like a second skin, ensuring a comfortable leave-on time. Biocompatible and very well tolerated, the plant cellulose promotes the bio-absorption of active ingredients. Taken from eucalyptus wood from sustainably managed forests and obtained through green chemistry which is enzyme process free of chemical solvents this cellulose sheet is 100% natural, 100% biodegradable and recognised  by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label.

    *Algae Fibers - The sheet contains calcium alginate fibres, which are a 100% natural algae polysaccharides that boost absorption of the active ingredients with their occlusive power. Hydrophilic and hygroscopic, the alginate fibres boast intense hydrating and plumping power. Their film-forming power smooths the skin’s microrelief for a long-lasting effect. Alginates are fibres unique to algae as these do not exist on land. They are found in brown algae walls, providing resistance and suppleness to withstand marine currents.

    *Marine Concentrate - The mask uses the Marine silicium complex plus tightening red algae sugar which is Marine algae. These are considered to be abundant sources of bioactive compounds with cosmeceutical potential. These ingredients work to tighten the skin cells in order to provide you a wrinkle-free look that can last for up to 8 hours

    How to use/Process to apply

    The first step in using a sheet mask is to clean your face well with a cleanser. You can use any water-based face wash or toner. Then, snip open the sachet just before use, and handle it with clean hands. Apply the film over the face, keeping the slots for the eyes, nose, and mouth in mind. Take note that the mask is evenly spread over the skin with no lumps or folds. Gently press until every bit is stuck to the surface of the skin. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, or as per instructions on the sachet. Remove the sheet and dab the excess with your fingers into your skin and leave it there else you can wipe off the excess with a tissue or cotton pad. 

    About the product’s brand and its USPs

      Thalgo, is a brand that seeks to develop a unique connection with its audience by providing them access to naturally rich-marine components that provide benefits such as anti-aging, shinier skin, etc. by building blocks of life—minerals and trace elements directly to the basal cell layer of the skin. Thalgo, in its products, uses a mix of elements such as Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Phosphorous, and Magnesium to strengthen up the connective stilt matrix of the skin increasing skin firmness and tone. The brand defines these elements as vital to the synthesis of collagen and fibronectin fibers. Marine algae are also found to be rich in a vast array of antioxidants that shield the cell against environmental aggressors such as ultraviolet radiation, pollution, smoking, and deficient nutrition.

      Final Feedback

        As stated previously, there are several brands and products present today in the market, but what stands out with Thalgo Flash Lift Shot Mask is that it provides deep nourishment with enriched ingredients to control anti-aging skin effects. The marine-based ingredients used in the sheet masks make them one of the best facial masks available in India today. Thalgo’s active formulation for the sheet masks not only helps skin to look young and tightens muscles but also creates a fabulous tonality that is matched evenly with your body tone. Thus, on a scale of one to ten (10 being the highest), the Thalgo product definitely takes ten-pointers because of its unique combination of ingredients as well as its ecological perspective of balancing ocean life!

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