Thalgo La Beaute Marine : A Revolutionary Marine-Based Skincare Brand Sabnatural

Thalgo La Beaute Marine : A Revolutionary Marine-Based Skincare Brand

Eminent for being one of the first brands to explore the depths of the sea to find over 50 different marine extracts that drastically changed the entire skincare industry and have been constantly making leaps and advances since.  

Thalgo was founded in France in the year 1964 by a very passionate, driven, and visionary pharmacist, André Bouclet, who had a deep curiosity about marine life and the treasures it had to offer. Bouclet was primarily interested in minerals, vitamins, and actives... This led him to set up a laboratory with the help of fellow professors and found the luxe skincare brand that we all know as Thalgo.  

'Thalgo' stems from two words: thalassotherapy and algae. Thalassotherapy happens to be a pivotal part of the brand. It is based on the belief that the precious properties of seawater are highly advantageous to the skin. Moving on to algae and its significance... in 1966, André Bouclet registered a medical patent confirming the benefits of algae, including detoxifying and regeneration of the cells, and this is how the two elements became the pillars of Thalgo.  

Inspired by its gentle lifestyle, energising light and colours, the Thalgo laboratory was set up on the French Riviera in 1976 to envelope its active ingredients in sensory fragrances and textures. The fragrance used in the products is composed of Grasse, and they carry notes of delicacy, freshness, and luminosity. The textures are also very fine and fresh, inspired by the sensory 

pleasures associated with the sea, like foamy texture, aqueous gel, scrub with grains of sand, and so on.  

Thalgo is renowned all around the world for its excellent marine-infused skin care and strives to create only advanced and groundbreaking beauty products that are tailored to the unique needs of every skin type. The brand is keen on using only the highest quality active ingredients within its products and works closely with expert psychologists and experienced dermatologists to develop active ingredients and formulas that are more effective than ever. With over 50 active components identified, extracted, and concentrated, you can be guaranteed that each one of Thalgo's skin care products is packed with the goodness of the sea.  

They say, the sea has always been a vital source of energy to human has the power to regenerate you, both physically and mentally, and it stands true.  

The ocean certainly does wonders for the mind, body, and spirit. It happens to be one of the most powerful and natural courses of action we as humans can take. Just think of how a simple dive in the ocean feels truly magical. All your senses are awakened, you feel rejuvenated, and you just come out feeling like a brand new person altogether.  

Now imagine using a line of concentrated skincare that is fused with the magical properties of the sea... 

We, as humans, have made a lot of scientific advancements in the field of cosmetics to know and understand the benefits of the powerful ocean ecosystem. We are already aware of the fact that ocean botanicals are 6 times more powerful than land-based plants and contain 10,000 times the concentration of terrestrial plants. This isn't simply some boring numerical data; this is for us to understand how much the sea has the power to heal.  

Ocean botanicals have restorative and medicinal properties. The naturally occurring actives in ocean botanicals have hydrating and regenerating properties that nourish the skin's natural barrier.  

One of the most potent ingredients that can be found in the ocean is algae, and we've already mentioned how it plays a vital role in Thalgo's skincare range. Algae, for those of us who aren't aware of it, is an active substance with powerful moisture-retention properties. It helps in balancing the skin's moisture content, which leads to the skin feeling supple and hydrated. Using algae-infused products also helps in adding that extra layer of protection from harmful UV rays. In addition to algae, seawater, plankton, marine bacteria, corals, and so many other substances are combined together at Thalgo to give us a power-packed skincare range.  

Thalgo was founded on the basis of nature, and its truly inexhaustible offerings... This is why the brand will never compromise when it comes to being kind to it. 

Thalgo takes active measures to minimise its ecological footprint on the natural riches of the land and sea. The brand believes in being sustainable and responsible.  

The following are a few commitments that Thalgo makes: 

Commitment 1: Clean Ocean  

Thalgo partakes in cleaning up the oceans alongside The SeaCleaners. They are religiously a part of the beach clean-up campaigns and also organise awareness-creating campaigns wherein they suggest everyday habits that can be undertaken to protect the sea.  

Commitment 2: Green Pack  

Thalgo commits to a green packaging strategy. The 3 main areas of focus for the next 5-year period are 1) Reducing and reusing packaging 2) Using recyclable and recycled materials 3) Reducing the environmental impact by being mindful of how the materials for the packaging are sourced.  

Commitment 3: Clean Beauty  

Clean beauty

All Thalgo products are made 100% from marine ingredients, and the newer formulas include at least 90% naturally occurring ones. Thalgo also commits to being kind towards animals by not using ingredients sourced from them.

Commitment 4: Green Factory  

Green Factory

Thalgo's factory for emulsion products, at Roquebrune Sur Argens, has been built according to pharmaceutical laboratory requirements and has ECOCERT accreditation. It also uses only specific cleaning products to guarantee a lower impact in terms of industrial emissions. The brand also takes steps to minimise its carbon footprint by promoting material recycling, which includes water, cardboard, plastic, and wood.  

Commitment 5: Eco Gestures  

Eco Gestures

Thalgo and its employees undertake eco-actions every day to reduce waste and its impact on the oceans. They use reusable bottles and mugs instead of plastic. Reduce printing and electricity consumption and create awareness about cigarettes and their toxicity. 

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