Men and Skincare: Not an Odd Pair Anymore!

Men and Skincare: Not an Odd Pair Anymore!

We frequently come across brands marketing their skincare (or beauty) products such as cleansers, toners, or moisturisers to women only, whereas men have stuck to their age-old two-step "skincare routine"... soap and water.

It sounds funny because it's true, right? Have we not seen memes on social media about how men don't have a complicated skincare routine, but it works just fine for them? But does it really?

The men in your life likely struggle with the same issues as you do, such as acne, dry skin, dark spots, and other similar problems; however, our society somewhere has an outdated view that skincare is directly related to femininity, which leads to men shying away from voicing their skincare issues out loud.

But fortunately for all the men out there, there are brands like Thalgo that have realised this and are woke enough to cater to men specifically.

Nobody can deny that there is a significant difference between male and female skin.

Men, for example, shave, which increases sensitivity and irritation, and they have thicker and oilier skin than us.

But it's not all bad; men have higher collagen density, which means they don't age as quickly as women, but that doesn't mean they don't need skincare to prevent future skincare damage and ageing.

The following are 5 products for men that will change their skin for the better...forever!

Thalgo Cleansing Gel


Thalgo Cleansing Gel


This gentle, daily-use foaming gel for men removes all toxins and excess sebum from the skin. The cleanser contains Algue Bleue Vitale, which energises the skin and encourages cell renewal, and Glucose Derivatives, which gently cleanse the skin. Overall, it's a clear, fresh blue gel that lathers up with water, detoxifies the skin, and brightens the complexion.

Thalgo Intensive Hydrating Cream


Thalgo Intensive Hydrating Cream - ( 50ml)


Thalgo Men Intensive Hydrating Cream is a light, non-oily cream that works as an all-day moisturiser to relieve tight skin. It is an excellent first product for men who are just starting a new skincare routine. Thalgo Men Intensive Hydrating Cream rehydrates skin instantly and is designed to meet the specific needs of men. The formula contains active ingredients such as Algue Bleue Vitale, Bio-Active Algae Sugars, and Sève Marine, which act as a thirst-quenching skin energiser for unparalleled comfort and radiance

Thalgo Regenerating Cream


Thalgo Intensive Hydrating Cream - ( 50ml)


Fight the first signs of ageing effectively with the Thalgo Men Regenerating Cream. With each application, this non-oily anti-aging lotion strengthens and energises your skin while reducing wrinkles and making it visibly smoother. The cream contains algae extracts such as Algue Bleue Vitale, which promote skin cell renewal and function as an anti-ageing component. It also has a musky scent, which gives you a boost of energy and freshness that lasts all day.

Thalgo Anti-Fatigue Serum for Eyes


Thalgo Anti-Fatigue Serum for Eyes - (15ml)


The Thalgo Men Anti-Fatigue Serum for Eyes is a light gel-like serum that helps to stimulate superficial microcirculation in the eye contour area, which helps to reduce puffiness, eliminate dark circles, and reduce the appearance of micro-wrinkles. It contains active ingredients such as Algae Bleue Vitale, which aids in fighting the first signs of ageing and energising the skin, and Yeast Extract, which reduces the appearance of under-eye puffiness and dark circles. So, say goodbye to dark circles and puffiness and use the Anti-Fatigue Serum for bright, beautiful eyes.

Thalgo Wake-Up Shower Gel


Thalgo Wake-up Shower Gel - ( 200ml)


The Thalgo Men Wake-Up Shower Gel is a body and hair cleanser in one. The formula is revitalising and energising, and it effectively cleanses and awakens the skin. It contains active ingredients such as Algue Bleue Vitale and Glucose Derivatives, which fight cellular stress and effectively cleanse the skin. Speaking of cleansing, the efficient foaming action is extremely mild and gentle on the skin and scalp, making it an excellent choice for daily use. Make the shower gel your traveling buddy or use it to feel refreshed after working out.

And those were the 5 *products from Thalgo that every man needs in their lives.

Until next time!

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