Thirst Quenching Shot Mask - All You Need To Know Sabnatural

Thirst Quenching Shot Mask - All You Need To Know

About Thalgo

Thalgo is a French-based brand in Professional Marine Cosmetics. The brand has been a name for itself in the Indian Market. Ocea Marine Cosmetics Pvt Ltd, the Indian distributor for the French brand has helped the brand build its presence in India since 2008. Born in 1964, Thalgo is a global cosmetics brand, which manufactures products using marine-based components. The company was founded by André Bouclet, a pharmacist, who developed a unique algae micronisation method. The science behind developing this method was to rupture the algae cell walls to release their contents while preserving their wealth of active ingredients. Three of André Bouclet’s micronized algae - Laminaria Digitata – Fucus Vesiculosus – Lithothamnium calcareum even today are prescribed for skin, rheumatic and circulatory disorders.

Thirst Quenching Shot Mask

When it comes to skincare and beauty care products, women have to be very vigilant, because the skin is one of the most delicate parts of the body. If you choose the wrong product the results might be pretty overwhelming which you do not need to know. And this is why choosing the right product for the right usage is of utmost importance. Sheet masks are one of the most used products in the skincare routine. While it is true that the mask nourishes your skin, what is important to consider is how long it nourishes and what are its after effects. Also, it is mandatory to note that not all sheet masks are made from the same ingredient, therefore, not all masks suit your type of skin. Television advertisements often skip this part and picture a glamorous sizzle in front of you, but that’s not all. Here, in today’s blog, we are going to detail one of the most interesting sheet masks that is available in the market today. This sheet mask is named - the Thirst Quenching Shot Mask and is a product manufactured by Thalgo Cosmetics. So, let’s deep dive into understanding what the brand is and how the product is different from all others in the market.

Thalgo Thirst Quenching Shot Mask


About Thirst Quenching Shot Mask

The Thalgo Thirst Quenching Shot Mask is different because of its ingredients. Many of the sheet masks available in the market today make use of cotton fiber or cellulose for making a mask. But, the Thalgo produced Thirst Quenching Shot Mask makes use of Alginates ( Marine Algae fiber) and Plant Cellulose. So, what’s different in plant cellulose? Well… that’s a lot of difference. Plant cellulose doesn’t feel like a layer of fiber over your face. It fits perfectly, leaving no bumps, making you feel it like the second skin. The plant cellulose also helps in the complete absorption of the active ingredients that are present in the sheet mask, thereby, rejuvenating your skin in a complete professional spa manner!

The Sève Bleue des Océans contained in the sheet masks help to hydrate and remineralise the skin deeply. The sheet masks also use Hyaluronic acids, which retain the water to keep your tissues well-lubricated and moist. A well-lubricated, moist skin provides radiance and helps skin gain volume. The cellulose sheet is enriched with Algae Fibers to boost skin regeneration and the absorption of the marine active ingredients.

Moreover, the mask comes in packed benefits, which offer up to 8 hours of freshness and radiance.

What are the benefits/end results of the product?

The Thalgo Thirst Quenching Shot Mask or sheet masks are great for individuals in many ways than one. The benefits that come with this versatile skincare tool include:

  • It helps your skin relax: Post returning home from work, you don’t want to engage yourself in an extensive skincare routine. This is why putting on a sheet mask can be just the thing your skin needs. The Thalgo facial sheet mask instantly relaxes the skin by stimulating the skin’s cells and boosting the absorption of the hydrating marine concentrate to help your skin look fresh and rejuvenated instantly. A sheet mask like the Thirst Quenching Shot Mask which is made from 100% naturally occurring elements of  marine life helps nourish your skin and make it soft and supple.

  • Better Ingredients make your skin glow: The Thalgo Thirst Quenching Shot Mask uses Silicium, Manganese, and Zinc. These ingredients provide crucial soothing to the skin by hydrating and remineralising the epidermis over time. The active ingredients in the mask ensure that your skin not only rejuvenates from the outside but also heals from the inside. These ingredients soothe the skin and make it comfortable by removing tightness due to lack of moisture and they plump out the skin making it soft and supple to the touch.

  • Adds volume: Facial sheet masks benefit the skin irrespective of the skin type, colour and orientation. Being one of the best sheet masks, Thalgo Thirst Quenching Shot Masks brings out your inner radiance and adds volume to the skin keeping the facial skin fresh for up to 8 hours of time. 

  • Easy to use: As said earlier, you don’t want to engage yourself in an extensive skincare routine after a long day at work. This is where you need a simple mask that can do it for you. Using the Thalgo sheet mask is simple. All you have to do is - remove the protective film and apply it to a cleansed face. Leave for 10 minutes. Remove the mask, then dab the excess liquid onto your skin with your fingers or then wipe off the excess with a tissue or cotton pad. Simple!
Ingredients used

The Thalgo Thirst Quenching Shot Mask uses a wide variety of marine-based ingredients. With 97.4% natural origin ingredients, this mask is perfectly tolerated and biocompatible with all skin types. The masks use subtly scented notes of tea embroidered with white flowers, to help the skin in reabsorbing the minerals. The cellulose sheet enriched with Algae Fibres helps to boost skin regeneration and the absorption of the marine active ingredients.

How to use/Process to apply

The first step in using a sheet mask is to clean your face well with a cleanser. You can either use a Thalgo Cleanser or any water-based face wash or cleanser. Then, snip open the sachet just before use, and handle it with clean hands. Apply the film over the face, keeping the slots for the eyes, nose, and mouth in mind. Take note that the mask is evenly spread over the skin with no lumps or folds. Gently press until every bit is stuck to the surface of the skin. Leave on for 10 minutes, or as per instructions on the sachet. Remove the sheet and dab the excess with your fingers into your skin and leave it there else you can wipe off the excess with a tissue or cotton pad. 

About the product’s brand and its USPs

Thalgo, promotes itself as a brand that infuses marine energy into beauty products, nutritional supplements, and protocols that revitalize the body and mind. The global brand for cosmetics works in close collaboration with expert phycologists and experienced dermatologists to develop active ingredients and formulas that are effective in use. The brand has been practicing ‘vegan’ methods of production and extraction, thereby empowering it as a responsible business and brand. The brand has also been following the path of sustainability and environmental consciousness. Their products and packaging are a conscious decision to help in these initiatives. The Sheet Masks are completely biodegradable.

Final Feedback

Well…there are various brands who have come out with their own sheet masks and face masks, which offer little relaxation to your skin. With Thalgo’s Thirst Quenching Shot Mask, you get to feel the changes in a record time. The main attraction is the use of marine-based ingredients which healthify your skin by blending it with the goodness of the oceans and seas. The naturally occurring elements help your skin breathe into a new light, eliminating all clutches and acne. So, all in all, we recommend you buy this product and experience it yourself and how your skin feels!

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