This New Year, Up Your Skincare and Bodycare Game With These 6 Products! Sabnatural

This New Year, Up Your Skincare and Bodycare Game With These 6 Products!

It’s beginning to look a lot like...  

Hey! Hey! Hey! Can you blame us? The Christmas spirit is still very much in the air.  

Anyway, coming back…  

It's that time of year when we're all looking for the perfect new year's dress, making solid party plans, and, of course, making some new year's resolutions. Now, we've all heard the standard ones: eat healthier, cut back on alcohol and smoking, lose weight, travel more frequently, spend more time with family, and so on. However, most of us almost never make a  resolution to keep our largest organ, our skin, happy and healthy. Of course, the beginning of the year is a convenient time, but the fact that you've found this blog today seems to be a sign to start a good habit today.  We may not be psychics, but we know you're probably busy getting things done before New Year's Eve, which is why we've listed 6 brilliant skin and body products to get you started.  

(Had to quickly jump in to tell you that all of the products listed below will  undoubtedly be your go-to's in the coming year, but they can also help you  prep to look like a gorgeous diva in the final few days of 2022!)  

  1. Thalgo Nutri-Soothing Rich Cream  

    Nutri soothing rich cream

We’ll give you three reasons why you need this cream: 1. It’s winter; 2. It soothes, repairs, and replenishes; 3. And don’t you want that comfortable,  nourishing feeling under your party makeup? Also, guess what? The feeling lasts for up to 24 hours.  

The Nutri-Soothing Rich Cream is a highly effective product that helps 

soothe the face. It's enriched with Cold Cream Marine, which contains both algae oil and wax to replenish the skin and provide a gentle yet soothing feeling. The formula contains organic white lupin extract and wheat germ oil, both of which aid in correcting lipid metabolism and preventing dehydration. The face is nourished, soothed, and comforted throughout the day.  

  1. Thalgo Marine Shot Masks  

    Thalgo Marine Shot Masks

Have you ever wondered how a quick 10-minute spa treatment could make everything so much better? Oh! Luckily, Thalgo has just the product for you!  

The Marine Shot Masks…everybody’s favourite!  

There are three variants: the Flash Lift Shot Mask for a lifting effect, the  Thirst Quenching Shot Mask for a boost of hydration, and the Energy Booster Shot Mask for smooth and refreshing skin.  

The best part about these masks is that you only need 10 minutes, tops!  You can put on this mask while finishing up chores, or blow-drying your hair, and there you are, having completed so many tasks at once like the multi-tasker that you are!  

So, feel free to add a dozen to your cart and give a few to your friends as well—they also make wonderful holiday presents!  

  1. Cirepil Intimate   

With this lovely wax, you can confidently throw your hands up in the air and dance your heart out to the DJ's rocking beats all night long!  

The Cirepil Intimate is a beautiful bead wax that melts into a luxurious creamy texture and is ideal for waxing intimate areas. Cicasepticalm complex is infused into the formula, which is anti-bacterial, anti-irritant,  soothing, and derma-protective.  

It also has coconut oil, rosemary extract, and sunflower seed oil for moisturising, anti-microbial, and skin conditioning properties. And the cherry on top? It has an incredible turquoise colour!  

  1. Cirepil Visage  

The key to a flawless makeup base is having a smooth face!  (^That rhymed)  

Cirepil Visage is a non-strip, ultra-soft wax designed specifically for facial hair removal. The wax has a creamy texture, is quick and easy to apply,  and is suitable for all hair and skin types. The formula contains apricot kernel oil, which reduces redness, and titanium dioxide, which has anti irritant properties.  

So go ahead and shape those brows, wax those sideburns, and get rid of any chin hair to leave everyone wondering how you have such a smooth face.  

  1. AKILEÏNE Foot Peeling Cream  

If you’re wearing pretty shoes, make sure your feet look pretty too!  

Imagine this… You are wearing stunning open-back sandals, but instead of getting compliments, everyone is staring at your dry, cracked heels!  

Not a pretty sight, now is it?  

And to help you avoid this blunder, allow us to introduce you to  AKILENE's Foot Peeling Cream. This amazing product helps remove all 

the dry, dead skin that leads to calluses and roughness; instead, the moisturising ingredients in this cream smoothen and soften even the most dehydrated foot skin that there is.  

  1. AKILEÏNE Overnight Foot Mask  

We’ve mentioned time and again to never neglect foot care... which is why you need to add AKILEÏNE’s Overnight Foot Mask to your cart TODAY!  

The Overnight Foot Mask has been specially designed to provide intense hydration to your dry and dehydrated feet. It contains all of the necessary moisturising elements that work to keep your feet soft and supple while you sleep soundly.  

And those are the 6 products you'll be needing in the coming year.  That's all for 2022; have a joyful, prosperous, and happy new year! 

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