Number 1 Brand in marine cosmetology.

Today, headed by Mr. Jean Claude Sirop, Thalgo is available in the biggest and the best hotels, spas and health clubs the world over, in 92 countries worldwide and is the No. 1 in the marine cosmetology. It has 3 integrated laboratories, 3 production units, 15 subsidiaries and 450 partners. Tapping the extraordinary potential of the sea to develop its Home-care (Retail) products and Professional treatments by combining the properties of algae, seaweeds, minerals, sea salts and vitamins, Thalgo has a wide-range of exceptional facial treatments for purification, dehydration, anti-pollution and anti-ageing. The equally varied body treatments aids in detoxification, relaxation, cellulite-reduction, slimming and firming in the most effective way.

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Aromatherapy Associates

The essence of well-being!

Aromatherapy Associates have been passionate promoters of the incredible effects of aromatherapy for over 30 years. Market leaders in this segment, their superior products are found only within superior spas in the most luxurious locations worldwide.
Sourcing purest ingredients from the natural world, the products are an amalgamation of ancient blending expertise with intensive techniques. Essential oils and natural plant extracts form the essence of Aromatherapy Associates. The result is a practice that is far beyond simple aroma or alternative home remedies. Let your senses luxuriate in the impressive body care collection, the bath & shower oil collection, the skin care ranges. Taking holistic living to a new level.

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