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Fast-setting wax, ideal in hot and humid weather

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Cirepil Escential Rose is a bead wax that melts into a creamy textured wax and is used for non-strip waxing. It has a gentle rose scent and is an All Purpose Wax. it has an Ultra soft creamy texture, Off-white color and scented with delicate rose fragrance. It is easy to apply and Ideal for all skin and hair types including short, shaved hair. Patented polymer formula Available: 800 gram bag of beads and 400 gram tin.

Application : It is always better to do a patch test on your wrist before applying wax on the waxing area. This helps to check the temperature of the wax and not cause burns or discomfort. Once you are sure of your comfort then start the waxing procedure.
First use Blue Cleansing Lotion on the area to be waxed. Then tissue or towel dry the area. Use a drop or two of Jasmine oil on the area to be waxed. Do not over use otherwise the wax will not stick to the skin. Start the waxing procedure with the melted bead wax by applying a layer of wax with a disposable wooden spatula. Apply a curved rectangular shaped strip in the direction of the hair growth. Pat the applied wax gently with your fingers and pull off the applied wax strip itself in the opposite the direction. Once waxing is complete clean the residue with the opposite of the waxed strip (shiny area). Once waxing is complete use Blue Cleansing Lotion again on the area waxed. (Optional – If stickiness still there apply little Jasmine Oil ). Complete the waxing by applying any 1 of the finishing product. Moisturizing Milk OR Refreshing Gel

Cirepil bead waxing is a unique technique and has to be performed by trained professionals.

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Perron Rigot Laboratoires E.P.L.

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Plastic Bag

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3 years from the Date Of Manufacturing

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Strip less waxing


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